Counselling or therapy involves an arrangement between a counsellor and client which provides the opportunity to explore issues and difficulties in confidence.

People choose to see a counsellor for many different reasons. You may wish to seek help to explore any current difficulties in your life. You may feel stressed because of recent events or you may be feeling generally unhappy. Counselling can help to enable you to make choices and decisions about your life.

Our counsellors offer a safe, supportive relationship where you will feel enabled to discuss and explore any areas of concern. We aim to assist you to find the best way forward for yourself, through helping you to find answers that are right for you.

Our counsellors are fully qualified and experienced. They are members of the relevant professional bodies following the ethical guidelines of these organisations. One of our counsellors is trained in British Sign Language and Sign Supported English and offers a service to deaf clients.

To make an appointment, you can simply call and say you wish to see a counsellor. At times you may need to leave a message on our answering machine. All contact will be treated sensitively and confidentially. One of our counsellors will contact you directly to arrange a specific appointment. A session usually lasts for an hour and the fee for this can vary from 35 to 50. You can discuss the cost with your individual therapist.

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Employee Counselling Service, Supervision and Training

Employee Counselling Service

Our counsellors can offer this service to companies and organisations seeking counselling for their staff.


We offer independent consultation and supervision to counsellors and other workers in the caring professions. This confidential relationship offers an opportunity for exploration and reflection with a view to enhancing the development and wellbeing of the worker.


We offer tailor made training adapted to suit the needs of your group or organisation. Our trainers have extensive experience working in a range of settings, with all ages and cover a wide variety of issues.

Please contact us for further information about any of these services.

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